‘These are words.  Just words.’  Ah.  My classic About Me tag line.  This is a continuation of my old Xanga blog where I would post angry, teen-aged rants and semi-informed thoughts on psychology, philosophy, religion, and politics.  What is the difference now?  This shall now be used for angry, adult rants and fairly well informed thoughts on psychology, philosophy- I will probably skip out on the religious and political stuff for the most part this time around.  There once were practically nonsensical thought streams too; there will probably be less of those now.  Also, I may make a few comments here and there about my art.  I write music.  I call it ‘gabber’, ‘progressive metal’, and ‘avant-garde’. I write books. I call them ‘fantastical, psychological, character-driven, action science fiction with traces of philosophy in an extensive, fully functional Universe.’

12.3.18: What?  No politics!?  ‘Everything’s political, it’s all pride and prejudice!’  Totally politics.  Totally.  And I’m not ready to retrieve that Xanga garbage yet.

12.12.20: I just read the first few lines of one of my posts here from 2014 and cringed.  If my Xanga posts were a schizophrenic whirl-wind, my pre-socialism posts are still pretty conservative and/or uninformed.  See To Build a Home for a more bearable perspective of my philosophical development, in long form with section headers.