Denial and Focus

Stress and a positive attitude.  Major setbacks and disappointments, but also forced in to a chance to make major advancements and achieve things long neglected as ideals.  The time has come to prove my new and refined abilities, though the battle field is different from how I had imagined it.  So it goes.

Denial has bad connotations.  Hiding from the truth, neglecting responsibilities, ignoring relativity.  Focus has good connotations.  Clear-mindedness, productivity, will power.  What must one do in order to focus?  Deny other priorities.  Some times- many times- we must ‘live in denial’, as they say, of our stressors in order focus on what must be done to relieve stress and progress.  We know that we are losing when our stress has become debilitating and we find our selves stressed out about being stressed.  When things can not be dealt with, they must not be dealt with.  But ‘can not’ is a strong pair of words.  One must not use them too soon- or too late, and must remember that it is a short hand, not a factual proof.  There is no ‘can not’, but some times we need a break.

We must deny that starving children in Africa exist so that our own desires may have value.  We must deny that evil exists in horrifying forms so that we may be hopeful about our lives.  We must deny that we have a limited amount of time and a limited amount of chances so that we may use these resources to the best of our ability.  Quitting is the quickest road to failure.  Too many breaks is quitting.  How much is too much?

In any given moment we may have any number of priorities.  We want all tasks completed.  Not all tasks can be tended to at once.  Pick one to begin with.  Pick one.  Which one?  How many need to be done today, and how many can wait until tomorrow?  Which one should come second?  Which ones need the most energy?  Should those ones come first?  What if I am a night person?  Which ones are most relaxing and rewarding?  Should those come last, or first so that they may motivate us to work today, or should they space out the more remedial or frustrating tasks to keep us motivated throughout the day?  What if we run out of fun tasks?  We must ration them.  Right?  What if the ‘task’ part begins to overwhelm the ‘fun’ part?  Is that our fault, or was that inevitable?

Focus.  Planning is a task.  Do not spend time dawdling with any one task.  Planning comes first.  Not working at all is much worse than working on the ‘wrong’ task first.  Not working at all is much worse than working on the ‘wrong’ task first.  Do not punish your self for relaxing while you relax.  Either relax or don’t.  Don’t attempt to relax while polluting your mind with scornful thoughts.  You chose to relax; stay true to your choice.  Relaxing needs focus too.  Focusing takes extra energy when it is not a strong habit, so do not forget to relax.  Do not train your mind and body to rely on extraneous methods for relaxation; they will forget how to relax on their own more with every use.  If relaxation can not be achieved without these methods, be very careful.

‘Can’t do it all, so do it all any way… but slower.  If you want to be skilled at things, be skilled at time management and self discipline first.’  Mastering the self should be the top priority.  This is either synonymous or parallel to loving the self.  To act like a master when one is not is arrogance, and to master the world one must first master the self.  Arrogance is the greatest of enemies, in its many forms.  To succeed at your goals unethically is to fail at your life.  Evil-doers are failures.  Making enemies is dramatic; pitying and moving on is practical and more true to the form of the thing.  Culture does not dictate truth.  Culture does not dictate truth.

Culture does not dictate truth.  ‘It makes me feel good’ is not a fail-safe explanation.  Do not sacrifice your ability to command your self-esteem to evil-doers, those who succeed at their goals unethically.  Those who sell things that make you feel confident and secure do not want you to feel confident and secure.  They only want your money.  Do not be manipulated out of your money.  You sold your time for that money.  Your time is precious.

There are great evils in culture.  Identify them to avoid them, but do not dwell on them.  Teach others without manipulation when the time is right, but do not dwell.  Focus.  Unless it is your responsibility to fight that evil, if that is your success, if that is your life, focus on your dreams in stead.  You need to be free from these evils in order to achieve your dreams, and you are not free, if you do not ignore them when they are not useful to you.  They are not useful to you.

Do not punish your self for denying your stressors when they will only get in the way.  Focus, else you live with your stressors for ever.  When you can not focus, relax.  When you can not relax, do not panic.  When you are panicking, embrace the feeling, know that it will pass, and let it pass.  When you are done panicking, you will be relieved and tired; relax.  If you are not relieved and tired, exercise your body so that you are sweating and panting.  Then relax or focus.  Make your choice.  We are running out of time.

We are running out of time, but forget about that- and, as I just did, embrace self-therapy.

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